Research professionnals’ day



Science can be filmed in many different ways.
It can be portrayed as triumphant and sure of itself, accomplishing exploits like space missions and can also be filmed so as to make confirmed theories accessible for a wider audience. Filmmakers can also show researchers in the field and in their labs giving the audience an opportunity to share their doubts, happiness or difficulties and understand their work processes and methods.

What is at stake when choices are made? Who makes those choices and why? What is the point in looking at science from a research perspective?
What does this offer the audience, what does it offer debate in society as a whole and what does it offer researchers themselves? Which researchers, film directors, producers and distributors have chosen to do so? What were the reasons behind their choice?

In an attempt to answer those questions the Nancy Researchers’ Film Festival is inviting those in involved in research and film to participate in an open debate which we hope may provide a few of the answers!

In the morning we will be take a look at the latest developments in film production and internet distribution.

The afternoon will be taken up by two round table discussions.
How should research be filmed?
Why choose to film the research process?


  • IECA, Nancy 2 University / Nathalie Conq
  • Audiovisual and Multimedia Department of Paul Verlaine University in Metz / Claude Rochette
  • VIDEOSCOP Nancy 2 University / Jacqueline Ries
  • CNRS images Paris / Véronique Kleiner
  • with the film director Philippe Thomine (SAFIRE Lorraine)