Research professionnals’ day

A new formula

FRIDAY JUNE 8th 2012 from 9 am to 6 pm
Main Marquee Screening Tent I Pépinière Park, Nancy
[rouge]Researchers meet audiovisual media professionals.[:rouge]

The festival also promotes rich and profound exchanges between researchers, film-makers, the media and producers with the objective of helping knowledge to circulate through meetings of research and audiovisual media professionals.

In 2012, the Day For Professionals aims to promote current research by supporting researchers through a competition.
The festival enables scientists* to present their research work to an invited media audience (journalists, producers, film makers, broadcasters etc.).
A call for presentation ended on March 30th and a jury of researchers and audiovisual professionals will select 10 presentations of research work.
ON Friday 8 June 2012, during the Researchers’ Film Festival in Nancy, the selected researchers will present their work in the form of “pitches” (a 30min presentation followed by a discussion with the jury).

Prize ceremony, FRIDAY JUNE 8th at 6 pm

At the end of the day, two prizes will be awarded:
-  The 1st prize - “Making a film”. CNRS Images will make and produce a short news film about the research work selected via its presentation by December 31st 2013 at the latest and the prize-winner will also receive 1000 euros to promote the film.

-  The 2nd prize - “A Helping Hand for a Script» of 1000 euros to help the winner develop his or her research subject into a film script.

The aim of this event is to support research production through these two prizes.

* This competition is open to all staff employed by a public sector research laboratory or other research or higher education organisation in France or other countries: engineers, doctoral students, technicians, researchers, faculty members.