The original vocation of the Researchers’ Film Festival was to create a forum to screen, share and promote films made by researchers showing their daily work in their laboratories and in other places of study. This forum has lead to rich and profound exchanges on a scientific level between the researchers who made the films and also creates a meeting point between researchers and all those interested in the culture portrayed in these films be they from the media, companies, social work or the public at large.
Pioneers such as Etienne Jules Marey believed that it was important to underline the different status these films could have. This type of research film could be like a publication which uses increasingly advanced techniques through which the camera can act as an investigative tool permitting the observation and understanding of the infinitely slow or infinitely quick, the infinitely small or infinitely large. They may also be films which teach people about research and sometimes films enabling knowledge to be shared with the public. The specific feature of the Researchers’ Film Festival was that it made “images available which might have remained unseen”.
From its very conception the festival has always been based on collaboration with various partners including Ministries, other Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishments (EPST in French), Universities, Regional and Local Authorities, Institutions, companies and cultural associations.